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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 12, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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oh, he's nobody. hey, listen, let me top that off for you. captioned by the national captioning institute s. new information tonight about an amber alert on highway signs throughout the bay area. >> fbi not police issued this amber alert for a missing 2- year-old from sacramento. the girl may be in danger. the kidnap suspect is the child's father. we go live to s.f.o. and find out why authorities
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consider the father a flight issue. >> reporter: he is an american citizen born in egypt who speaks spanish and has previously threatened to leave the country. now for the past hour i have been thinking to members of survive police department airport bureau. they won't give any details about any patrols they have made but according to the fbi at least 600 local agencies are on alert. on highways across the state, signs alerting drivers to keep an eye out for the 2-year-old child and her father. >> he has abducted his daughter. he has threatened to take the daughter out of the country and not send her back to the mother at this point rr the fbi said the father did not return the daughter to the mother on sunday. the mother waited two days and with a five-day head start the father and daughter could be anywhere. >> there are a few different locations he was supposed to be en route too and the bay area was one of them. all police agencies have been alerted and we have all been
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looking. >> he wasn't using a cell phone or credit cards and a child of 2 years of age we thought it was necessary to issue an endangered missing advisory. >> relatives have told reporters the father is fighting for joint custody of his daughter and could never hurt his child. >> he may be a danger to himself or maybe even to madelin and if narobi is the case i will always err on the side of caution. >> reporter: with no definitive leads the chp is casting a wide net hoping the description of an suv, a green toyota four runner with the california license plate 3xr m11 will generate tips that will bring the girl safe. channel 2 news. >> here is another look at the child and her father. you're asked to call 911 if you see either one of them.
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stay with ktvu with continuing coverage. we posted those photos and license plate information on the front page on our web page. a shooting in oakland involving an officer at about 7:40 this afternoon. police will only tell us that a female officer shot a man and that his wound does not appear to be life threatening. the officer was then taken away in an ambulance but authorities aren't saying why. witnesses tell us the officer approached a homeless man who had been urinating against a wall. they say the man turned suddenly and that he was carrying either a stick or a twig. witnesses say that's when the officer fired possibly up to three shots. a follow-up tonight to b.a.r.t. controversial decision to cut off cell phone service to thousands of passengers. at least one member of b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is now demanding a review of last night's decision.
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eric rasmussen is live tonight. eric? >> reporter: frank, b.a.r.t. police say the goal is to throw off potentially rowdy protestors at the civic center location but b.a.r.t. confirmed it cut off cell service from here toetet embarkadaro to daly city. the b.a.r.t. director isn't satisfied with the explanation for cutting off communication for passengers on thursday. >> if someone has an emergency and they can't get to their family or they can't get to their children, it just doesn't work in my head. >> it all boils down to the safety of the public. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s deputy police chief told us the agency decided to turn off underground cell service because of intelligence that the same protestors who got out of hand last month were planning something potentially violent. but others say the image of b.a.r.t. customers without cell or internet service was more
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reminiscent of tactics in egypt. >> we aren't a third world car. barring communications takes us to somewhere where i don't want to see b.a.r.t. go. >> reporter: we are getting plenty of bars down here tonight but police say if an emergency had happened last night you could have gone to an officer or even used one of these white phones right here but watch dogs say that's not good enough. >> the issue is that they selectively took away the right to use your cell phone specifically to target political speech that they wanted to prevent. >> it wasn't a decision made lightly but this wasn't about free speech. this is about safety. >> cell phone carriers confirm today they had no role in that decision to cut off service on the platforms. some activists are now calling for an f.c.c. investigation. eric rasmussen. containing a four alarm fire tonight. the fire broke out at 5:37 this evening in a boarded up
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building on 2nd street. right in the heart of the downtown. these pictures were taken just before 7:00 p.m. officials tell us the fire was under control by 9 p.m. tonight and no injuries were reported. they say the fire was contained to two abandoned buildings . the cause of the fire is under investigation. in emeryville the problem was too much water this evening. a water main break happened shortly before 6 p.m. it was at powell street and christie avenue about a block from interstate 80. emvyville police tell us there weren't too much problems. 12 years after the mysterious death of a boy in hayward friends and family gathered tonight in his memory. a small group meld a service tonight near the railroad tracks where the 13-year-old boy was found on august 12th, 1999. his body was wrappedz in a blanket and left near a homeless encampment and authorities have never been able to determine exactly what
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caused his death. his family holds a prayer service at the site every year. a surprise candidate entered the san fransisco's mayor office. as it is reported tonight it looks like 16 names will be on the november ballot. >> reporter: jeff adoche walked into the department of elections with little time to spare filing his papers a half hour before the 5 p.m. deadline then took the mandatory candidate oath. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: afterwards he told reporters he jumped in because of what was not being said at the mayoral debates. >> talking about pension reform and i became convinced either the candidates don't get it or they don't want to get it. >> reporter: he is unpopular with city unions because of his
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attempts to change the pension system. he has a measure on the november ballot that would do just that. but he says pension reform is just one reason he is running. >> we are seeing what's happening in washington, d.c. we are seeing what's happening in sacramento. we can't let that happen to the city that we love. >> reporter: former supervise okay pierre filing her papers today. >> the more the merrier. we will be talking about pension reform as a result of it. >> reporter: we met up with another candidate, david chew who welcomes his candidacy. >> we have an alfa bet soup of candidates in this race. >> reporter: he says he will not accept public campaign financing and he will abide by the spending camp. in san fransisco, ktvu channel 2 news. a crazy week on wall street ended with a rally and a bit of stability instead of all those wild swings. the dow industrial built on yesterday's gains and climbed another 125 points today. the nasdaq picked up 15.
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now, here is a chart of the dow for the week. in the end the blue chips finished down about 1.5%. this was also a record setting week. four swings of more than 400 points on four consecutive days. that is a first for wall street. now, yesterday was a promising jobs report that boosted the market. today was better than expected retail sales numbers that helped. consumers opened their wallets in july pushing sales up by half a percent. the best showing in four months much the top businesses for consumer spending were electronic stores and gas stations. the new school year is just around the corner. in fact, survive public schools open on monday. and that, of course, means back-to-school shopping for many families. one of our kvu crews visited the target stores in walnut creek. 15% of most retailers animal income is run up during back- to-school sales. one mom we spoke to said she was prepared to spend. >> we think about it probably
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most of the summer. we get the supply list, usually the end of the school year. >> independent research firm taluna says 82% of parents say they will spend the same or less on back-to-school supplies as they did last year. only 12% said they will spend more. 38% of parents say they don't like back-to-school shopping. coming up the areas that will start out saturday morning in the upper 40s and temperature change you can expect over the next couple days. the suspect in this week's drive-by shooting of a toddler faces a judge as his family and friends lash out. what they had to say. >> all weekend long a huge music festival with a unique san fransisco twist. we will show you who is playing tonight.
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the search is on for a man in san raphael responsible for a home invasion. the robbery happened 5:30 this evening. four men took off in a car but officers stopped them at 4th and union streetsz. two of the men were arrested but the other two ran off. a s.w.a.t. team then responded as residents were told to stay inside their homes and employees were evacuated from a salvation army store. police tell us a third suspect was finally found just after 8 p.m. tonight hiding under a car.
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the family of the man accused of killing a 3-year-old boy in a drive-by shooting in oakland had strong words for the police department today. the suspect appeared in court today. >> reporter: he is being held in a segregated cell here at the county jail in oakland where other inmates can't get to him. he made a brief appearance in court today. he was scheduled to enter a plea to the murder and three other charges against him. but when the judge postponed the hearing until late august at least one of his relatives began some leaving the courthouse without comment. two of the cousins said denard had nothing to do with monday's shooting. >> he is not that kind of person. they are trying to make him out as an animal. >> reporter: the vehicle got to
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international boulevard and 64th avenue and they say he opened fire. one bullet struck 3-year-old carlos navez. he sat in a toy car. two other men were injured. police say one of the victims identified denard but another cousin who wouldn't give her name said he is being set up by people on the streets. >> some way they don't want to see him walking on the streets in oakland. >> reporter: and he had sharp words for anthony bass who has already convicted denard in the media. >> you should never say that because you don't know what's going on. >> reporter: the accused is due back in court august 9th. police say he has denied any involvement in the shooting. ktvu channel 2 news. the man that killed chauncey bailey and another man was sentenced to 25 years in prison. ruesard admitted shooting bailey and robinson within a month of each other four years ago. as part of a plea deal he testified the leader of the now
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muslim bakery said he ordered the killings. today was difficult for the family of the victims and the killer. >> i don't know what was going on in his head when he did what he did but i just hope -- >> the whole thing so unfortunate, you know. i feel happy and i feel sad. >> the two are to be sentenced for their first-degree murder convictions in two weeks. a suspicious item shut down a security check point in morning at oakland international airport. a security screener spotted the item with an x-ray machine in terminal 1. the bomb squad was then called to the airport to investigate. officers determined the item which included wires, a battery and a circuit system was not a bomb and the check point was reopened about an hour later. a $100,000 reward is being offered now for information lead to go an arrest in a daring theft in an armored car warehouse last night in santa rosa. it happened just before 11 p.m.
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at the guarded truck warehouse. police say a number of men locked two employees inside the building and got away with an undisclosed amount of money. the two victims were not hurt. investigators are going over video liking for possible leads. the company is offering an award. transit agencies are seeing a surge in riders. the bay area news group finding increases at all about two of the 11 agencies it looked at. ridership jumping 7% in june compared to last month. ac transit saw a decline of 1.5%. and santa cruz metro a 1.3% drop. that same survey also looked at bay area train riderships. 14% jump in june. cal train ridership up 12%. and b.a.r.t. 8%. transit officials to high gas prices as the largest factor behind the boost in riders. you can help b.a.r.t.
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design its fleet of the future. an open house is set for tomorrow in dublin where interior an exterior design concepts for b.a.r.t.'s new trains will be on display. you can provide feedback from 10 to 11:30:00 a.m. at the dublin library community room at civic plaza. a huge crowd attended a music festival in golden gate park some coming from all across the country. amber lee joins us an tells us what this makes concerts all different from others. amber? >> reporter: frank, the concert ended a few minutes ago and people are streaming out right now. organizers are expecting 180,000 people to attend the festival this weekend. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: opening night and the head liner fish delighted music fans for three and a half hours. many people we spoke with told them us they bought a three day pass giving them access to more
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than 80 bands. >> the music. all the new music that i can see and enjoy and listen to. >> reporter: some come every year. others attended for the first time. these two friends traveled from boston. >> did you bring enough clothes? >> i did. i brought layers. its san fran. you've got to bring layers. >> reporter: organizers told us this is the only music event offering beer and wine. >> food is amazing. music is amazing. >> reporter: outside the park we saw signs that neighbors are bracing for the kind of problems large crowds often bring. we were told this orange and black no parking signs were posted yesterday on the garages of homes. >> i have been told that last year i know there was a lot of problems with people vandalizing things and people not being respectful of the neighborhood which is unfortunate. this couple lives across the street from the park.
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they say so far the only headache is finding a parking space. >> we are probably not going to move the car for the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: we are toll there are still single day passes available here at the box office. tomorrow's headline act is news and sunday night is arcade fire. reporting live, amber lee,. a bay area school won honors in a national video competition. the elementary school received a $2000 check today from the big lots discounts chain. the school's black and white video you're looking at here came in second among 116 that entered the store's lots to give contest. few changes to the bay area forecast for this weekend. if you are heading to outside lands you can count on the low clouds and fog to start out the day. even at 12 p.m. then some breaks in the clouds by 4 p.m. 60 degrees by 8 p.m.
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back down to the mid-50s with the fog on the increase. first thing tomorrow morning here we go. at least the foggy areas targeting the coast and also right around the bay. we should have clear skies inland but look at that 49 showing up in santa rosa. as far as the forecast for tomorrow for the coast the fog does break up a little bit into the afternoon hours. temperatures near 60 degrees. more sunshine for the bay side locations. temperatures on track to reach the upper 60s to lower 70s. partly sunfully for the interior but plenty of sunshine into the afternoon hours. those temperatures back up into the low 80s. coming up, the coolest day of the weekend and also breaking down the timing of our next warming trend. a canadian company is recalling 380,000 pounds of bacon over concerns about lyesteriaa. the recalled products have production dates before august 10th and they have the est number 169-a. so
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far no illnesses have been reported. she was attacked and killed by the family pit bull. how the incident is prompt being a call for a new law. this used to be home. now this is home. a camper outside the bank-owned property. another face of the foreclosure crisis. like $14.99 city streets denim, 55% off kids' school uniforms, and $8.99 guys' st. john's bay polos!
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this was a scene in oakland after a suspected dui driver slam his suv right into a utility pole. police tell us about 5:30 the driver crashed at 40th street causing power lines to fall into the streets. an a.c. transit bus then drove through the lines pulling down support wires and causing an even bigger mess. police arrested that driver and say the road will be closed for at least five more hours. the death of a pregnant woman by the family dog
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yesterday in pacifica is now prompting calls for tougher regulations of pit bulls. there is talk now of a new law. >> reporter: this morning he spoke to investigators outside the family home. >> at this point all we are trying to do is piece together what happened and we will have to wait for the results of both exams of the victim an of the dog. >> reporter: dog. >> reporter: in san fran there has been one. 12-year-old nicholas was mauled by his family pit bulls in 2005. that same year san fransisco passed a law requiring pit bulls be spade or neutered. >> we also have seen pit bulls like chicko here that is sweet and kind. >> reporter: jason is co- president of the spca in san fransisco. >> we are not sheer that specific legislation like that is the right answer but it has
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undoubtedly been effective. we saw the number of pit bulls being surrendered to our shelterers drop dramatically. >> reporter: he says he is torn if pacifica should add a breed specific sterilization law. >> it is really not justified. any breed of a dog can be aggressive. >> reporter: police say the mother's exact cause of death was thought determine. the results from the autopsy are expected sometime next week. ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. san mateo county does not have a spay and neuter law. as mike mentioned san fransisco does as does sonoma county and the city of gilroy. a florida judge today ordered casey anthony to come out of hiding around return home. anthony was acquitted last months of murdering her 2-year- old daughter caylee.
10:26 pm
she hasn't been since her release from jail. the judge ruled that anthony must be back in florida by august 26th to serve a year of probation for a check fraud conviction last year. tomorrow marks the 50th an versionry anniversary of the better berlin wall. they began building the law on a saturday when many people in berlin were out of town. most people were shot by east berlin guards as they were trying to escape to west berlin. the wall finally came down in 1989 when come unix -- communism collapsed. an online attack. what is drive-by hacking and why your computer may have already fallen victim. come nix. come nix comnix
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communist wñ
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a sonoma county family has been splintered by foreclosure. not for the first time. what makes them difference they are squatting outside their former home. we learn why it is lights out early for them on san jose way. debra. >> reporter: there is no power or water either to this camper. home to a 70-year-old man booted with his family from this house just weeks ago. a retire cook, he fries an egg for dinner and looks out at the three-bedroom life where he lived with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren for five years. rising payments forced them out. >> i feel bad inside because we have been there for quite i
10:30 pm
while now. >> reporter: a grandson translates rodriguez is more concerned about his wife's welfare than his own discomfort. >> we have never been separated. >> reporter: susan rodriguez has terminal liver an lung disease. she has moved to a nursing home nearby. her health too fragile for the camper missing her husband for 25 years. >> it is half my life. >> reporter: an misses the house she loved. > there was always something cooking. and the family getting together, watching football. just having everybody around. always something going on. it wasn't lonely. >> reporter: manuel has the family's five chihuahuas to keep hm company and stays put because at least know him and don't mind camping. >> great neighbors. >> reporter: the family was well liked and many neighbors sympathize. >> this is the first time they ever owned a house. and what do they get? they get shafted by the banks
10:31 pm
and the real estate agents. >> see you tomorrow. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> okay. >> reporter: manuel rodriguez visits his wife every day at the nursing home but this care is temporary. they are going to have to find an apartment very soon that they can swing on their social security. we are live in petaluma. ktvu channel 2 news. a federal appeals court today tossed out a key part of president obama's health care law. the court in atlanta said requiring americans to buy health insurance or face tax penalties is unconstitutional. but the court let the rest of the law stand. supporters and opponents say the u.s. supreme court will ultimately decide on the health care reform. the white house says it is certain the law is constitutional. >> voters in iowa will have a say in which republican can claim bragging rights there a straw poll tomorrow. several of the presidential candidates went to the iowa state fair today to try to
10:32 pm
court voters. each got a chance to stand up and make their pitch at a booth there. one republican who hasn't even formally entered the race yet had one man's backing. >> i think bachman will get it from iowa but my comois is rick perry. he is not in the race enough to get enough votes to win the straw poll. >> once they get your votes they don't want to give you the time of day. >> the iowa straw poll has a way of narrowing choices. candidates in the past that didn't do well dropped out of the race because a poor showing made it more difficult to raise money. immigration rights activists march madness today in survive to protest the federal government's secure communities program. the group walked from the montgomery stree b.a.r.t. station dance and express their displeasure. unthe program the fbi sends fingerprints from local arrests to the immigration department. the goal is to locate and
10:33 pm
deport illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes. >> this program has resulted in many innocent people, many law abiding hard working people being deported. separated from their families leaving their wives, their children stranded here. >> the protestors say they want local communities to be able to opt out of that federal program. >> a new study reveals thousands of california students are dropping out before they even get to high school. around as robert honda tells us new numbers also show many students that do graduate from high school end up hitting an academic dead end. >> reporter: the hernandez family is ready for school but supplies provided by sacred heart community services. >> we have actually grown to over 2000 backpacks this year and just doing less than half that amount just a few years ago. >> reporter: this year's theme students without proper supplies dropout. timely because new reports show one in five california students
10:34 pm
scheduled to graduate in 2010 dropped out. 17,000 before high school. >> sometimes i have a problem at home or they have too much pressure on them. >> want to stay at home. and they want to pretend they are sick. >> reporter: some sacred heart volume untiers and coordinators who say they understand the obstacles also hope programs can get students interested in higher education. >> i would love to see them create tutoring programs for them. i got a lot of help. >> reporter: but new figures show fewer than south bay high school graduates qualify for four-year colleges. state wide 34%. >> it is about creating a college-bound culture and it is creating expectation that secondary education, you know, beyond 12th grade is just part of the natural process. >> reporter: some students worry about friends who lose interest in school. >> what are you afraid might happen to them? >> they won't have a life when they grow up and they won't be able to have a job. >> reporter: but getting help is difficult. sacred heart offers mentoring an homework assistance but can
10:35 pm
only accommodate 65 students a year. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. and you can see where your child's school district falls on the state's dropout database. we posted a link on our website under the web links section. yesterday they were laid off workers today they are lottery winners. 10 of the 18 canadian workers who chipped in on lottery tickets had just gotten notice they were losing their jobs at a manufacturing plant in ottawa. the winning ticket was worth $7 million. so each will get about $400,000. >> any more makes you different. this makes you comfortable. you wish everyone could experience this kind of feeling. >> and about 200 other workers at smart technologies won't be experiencing that feeling. they also got layoff notices. their jobs are moving to mexico. it is an all-out effort to search for rioters and looters
10:36 pm
in london and the unusual high tech tactic that is being used. change in the fog pattern for tonight. coming up a temperature change you can't expect for tomorrow. the coolest day of the weekend and timing of our next warming trend. but up first the race to rescue a stranded paraglider who found himself stranded on a california flipside.
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rescue crews had to rescue a man that plummeted on a para glider landing 200 feet down a cliff. a witness managed to speak to the man after the fall and says he was in and out of consciousness but able to speak. the san fransisco police department has identified two men involved in a shooting last week. the department was asked to identify the officers in the july incident that ended with the death of kenneth harding much the aclu e-mailed the letter it received from police which name the officers at 35- year-old richard hastings and 30-year-old matthew lopez. police say harding accidentally shot himself to death while running from officers. the two officers though did
10:40 pm
shoot at harding and hit him in the leg. a federal study is drawing attention tonight to the practices of the oakland police. federal monitor robert warshaw says 28% of oakland police officers who drew their guns between january and march of this year pointed them at people who were not a threat. warshaw also notes in some cases the only offense committed was running from an officer which he says does not validate pointing a firearm. news of the world tonight in london. police are breaking down doors to arrest suspected rioters and looters. at least 700 people so far have been charged in connection with the four days of rioting. some cities are posting images of looters taken by security cameras on large screens and anyone who recognizes them are asked to call police. in mexico police today paraded a notorious murder suspect and drug gang leader before the media.
10:41 pm
they said oscar garcia has confessed to more than 600 murders. he reportedly said he personally took part in 300 and ordered another 300. police say garcia's gang was known for extreme violence including decapitations. in east africa doctors are trying to prevent the spread of highly contaj just measles. about 90 cases of measles are reported at one camp of more than 100,000 people. they vaccinated about 3000. anyone under 15 is considered most at risk and unicef warnings that col raand malaraire are also a threat. welcoming more green into the city today. >> yay. >> the international solar panel company soul focus cut ribbons. right now the company employees
10:42 pm
90 employees but says it is still hiring. soul focus has installed solar panels across the united states and in europe. and another solar firm announced this week it is staying put and expanding in oakland. the company's president says it plans to at least double its current workforce by 200 by the end of the year. they have agreed to rent 68,000 square feet in jack london square as well as two office buildings on harrison street and franklin street where it is currently located. internet hackers using new tactics to steel your personal information. i'll tell you why the websites you visit could put you at risk. our meteorologist is tracking changes for the week. he will have the complete bay area forecast coming up in just 5 minutes.
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and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. it is called by drive-by
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hacking happening more and more. alex savage tells us who the sergeant's are and why this is so disc to detect. groups infull traiting the websites of small businesses then targeting businesses to that site. roughly 8 million web pages have been infected. co-founder matt wong say people are falling victim to drive-by downloading. >> all you have to do is navigate and brows a site and you would get infected. >> reporter: hackers can essentially take over your personal computer and access your information and if you have been hacked you may have no way of knowing. >> and it is going to stay on your computer until a virus finds it and gets the signatures to be able to alert you of this. and most of the time that's a look time after they never detect it. >> reporter: this latest trend started with a group of hackers working out of the ukraine but
10:46 pm
now copy cats are jumping on board. >> it is pretty significant. it gets more numbers to a large problem we know what is going on. >> reporter: there is no way of knowing exactly how many internet users have unnoticingly bruised an affected site but frequent online shoppers like dave swab says they aren't overly concerned. >> i think as these problems occur the industry does create solutions for them and it is just a matter of new threats and new solutions. >> reporter: the internet security companies we talked to today say the best bet for business owners to protect themselves, upgrade the software on their websites. for internet users they say to update your browser and use antivirus software. reporting from palo alto, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities are cracking down on more phony apple stores in china. officers have found 22 additional stores after this one discovered last month. chinese officials are ordering the source to stop using apples
10:47 pm
logo and trademarks. unfair competent tigs and tradeline violations are being -- unfair competition and trade violations are being reported. no single vendsor in the lead. if you're look to go buy a car you may want to consider buying one from the state. an auction is set for next month in davis. 3800 vehicles the governor jerry brown ordered state workers to return will be put up for sale. it is all part of the governor's effort to cut what he calls nonessential expenses. state officials say that auction could generate about $5 million and also save the state more than $11 million in maintenance and gas. a new reality television show is in the works that takes a look at life in the slow lane. the network true t.v. has ordered four episodes of "california dmv field offices" the show will take a look what
10:48 pm
the is like to work for the d formv. it is not clear on when the show will air. temperatures today across the bay area really not a big change from yesterday's reads. in fact, dealing with the same weather pattern over the last few days. things begin to change a little bit for the weekend. right now on the maps we do have at least partly cloudy skies except low clouds kind of shredded apart over the past few hours with more of a northerly breeze. that northerly breeze the key difference tonight compared to last night at this time. at least the fog should redevelop over the next few hours late tonight into early tomorrow morning. so here is a look at your forecast story for tonight. partly cloudy skies tonight. fog will be increasing right around the bay for the weekend. some focusing out there especially coast side around around the bay. temperatures cooling off a little bit. next week quiet pattern but temperatures should be warming up a bit especially by tuesday into wednesday. if you notice late this afternoon looking up to the sky you may have noticed a few
10:49 pm
extra clouds pushing into the region. those high clouds moving into the south and from the southwest just a big shield here gradually moving to the bay area for tonight. at least for tomorrow there is a weather system that will move in from the north and it will cool us off just a little bit for both saturday and into sunday. sunday most likely the coolest day of the weekend. for the coast, some patchy fog, temperatures on the cool side. clearing out right around the bay. for the inland spots we will call it warm, temperatures on track to reach the low to mid- 80s but wind speeds do pick up once again especially right onto the delta. we could have winds around 25 to 30 miles an hour by mid to late afternoon saturday. here is our forecast model updated and it has scaled quite a bit. scaled back a bit on the fog for tomorrow morning. right now it is concentrated coast side and also into the bay. we could have mostly clear skies well inland. if we do put this into motion here into the afternoon hours even some clearing skies possible for parts of the coast especially as you can see north of the golden gate bridge and more sunshine around the bay for the inland spots. tomorrow morning, low to mid-
10:50 pm
50s out there. by 12 p.m. upper 60s, and 70ss then increasing sunshine into the afternoon hours. partly cloudy skies for the beaches. temperatures most neighborhoods about the same as todayor a touch cooler. fairfield right around 81 brentwood mid-80s. oakland in the upper 60s. san jose right around 76. and san fransisco can see a forecast high of 64. here is a look ahead. your extended forecast with your weekend always in view and temperatures continue to cool off just a little bit into sunday and also into monday. heather and frank, you can see a bump in the numbers for tuesday and into wednesday of next week. nothing major. but the warmest locations could be back up to the mid, possibly the upper 80s but these are all just tiny changes. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you, mark. a new book is making an alarming claim about a plot to crash a plane into survive by people's temple leader jim jones. the book by a former temple member is the untolled story of
10:51 pm
hope, deception and survival at jones town. sheer writes jones wanted to charter a plane and kill about 200 members of the church calling it a revolutionary suicide. two years later in 1978 he led the mass murder and suicide in jonestown, guyana where 818 people died. plans for a high speed rail network hitting another roadblock today. the manufacturer of the bullet trains recalled 54 of them acknowledging some flaws. it does not appear those flaws had a role in last months' crash though that killed 40 people. earlier this week officials reduced the top speeds of the bullet trains and put a moratorium on new rail projects. meantime opponents of california's only high speed rail plans made their case today at a court hearing in sacramento. palo alto and several other cities do not want the trains to run through the peninsula. they argue the trains would hurt the environment, cause too much traffic and they question ridership projections. the judge is expected to rule
10:52 pm
within 90 days. 49ers take the fields for the first time. back with sports in just a moment.
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10:54 pm
mark is off tonight. fred is here. i know it is only the first preseason game but boy, that was a rough start. >> as the coaches like to say, it is a process. well, i have seen the 49ers
10:55 pm
playbook though. it is about this thick. and for tonight's exhibition season opener in new orleans they used about this much of it. apparently they weren't the right pages. jim harbaugh, new head coach, says he wants the players to give a great effort. maybe they thought he said frantic effort. the quarterbacks were chased all game long. alex smith sacked in the first quarter. new orleans ran a punt back for one touchdown then the rookie makes the defense look silly on this play. playing the last three quarters. saints gave a baptism by fire. he hooks up with dellaney. he was sacked four times. intercepted twice. but the former nevada, reno star, did lead the team with 49
10:56 pm
rushing yards. new orleans wins 24-3. now two games back of first place arizona. san fransisco. pablo sandoval grips and rips this homer in the 1st inning. new record. matt cain bottom of the 1st. game winning r.b.i. that's it. that's all. marlins win 2-1. diamondbacks also win so arizona leads the giants by two games in the race for first place. and it was a telling american heritage night at the coliseum tonight. so what else, they roll out the first boche ball to start the game. but texas scores six runs on six hits notice second inning off former ranger pitcher brandon mcarthy. chavez right off his leg. he left the game with a knee contusion. he is listed day-to-day. texas wins 9-1. tiger woods did something today he has done as a
10:57 pm
professional just twice before. missed the cut of a major tournament. tiger in atlanta for the final major of the year. the p.g.a. championship where he wasn't able to stay on those bunkers. tiger shot 10 over par through 36 holes. check out the shot on the 12th today from dry to wet. remember rory mcilroy. he injured lis wrist but still made the cut today. eight shots behind the two leaders. one is a rookie who shot the best rounds of the tied with another unlikely co-leader. five other players just one stroke back. niners have more to do. giants two back now. >> wow. >> i love that long balling. >> that was funny. >> that was great. >> boche ball. thank you. >> we begin tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. tomorrow. following the amber alert in effect right now for that missing 2-year-old and her father. for coverage anytime you
10:58 pm
can download our mobile app, thank you so much for joining us. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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